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Nizhoni Traders LLC

Desert Highway Wild Horse & Turquoise Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

Desert Highway Wild Horse & Turquoise Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

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  • BRAND : Nizhoni Traders LLC

  • TYPE : Ring

  • STYLE : Band


  • MAIN STONE : Wild Horse 

  • RING SIZE : Adjustable

  • Non-Native 


Introducing our exquisite "Desert Highway" Handmade Adjustable Ring, a captivating fusion of wildhorse and turquoise set in a round design that embodies the spirit of adventure and freedom.

Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this one-of-a-kind ring showcases the raw beauty and untamed energy of wildhorse. Each wildhorse stone, with its enchanting blend of earthy tones and captivating patterns, is a testament to the resilience and strength found in the wild. As you gaze upon the stone, it invokes the feeling of traversing a vast desert highway, with its winding roads and endless possibilities.

Complementing the wildhorse, the vibrant turquoise gemstone brings a touch of serenity and tranquility to this remarkable piece. Known as the stone of protection and healing, turquoise emanates a soothing energy that connects you to the vast expanses of the sky and the depths of the ocean. Its vibrant blue-green hues evoke feelings of peace and calm, making this ring a true oasis for your senses.

The round design of the "Desert Highway" ring represents unity and wholeness, symbolizing the coming together of different elements in perfect harmony. The adjustable feature ensures a comfortable and customized fit for every wearer, allowing you to effortlessly showcase this stunning piece on any finger.

As you wear the "Desert Highway" Handmade Adjustable Ring, let it serve as a reminder to embrace the untamed spirit within you and embark on your own adventurous journey. With its mesmerizing blend of wildhorse and turquoise, this ring will captivate all who behold it, making it a true statement piece that reflects your unique style and free-spirited nature.

Thank you for checking us out. Please contact us if you have any questions.

this beautiful ring is 1 3/4 inches in diameter.Signed and stamped sterling.



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